Wednesday, 1 April 2015



1. a drop in standard of an isolated or temporary nature
2. a break in occurrence, usage, etc.
3. a gradual decline or a drop to a lower degree, condition, or state
4. a moral fall
5. (law) the termination of some right, interest, or privilege, as by neglecting to exercise it or through failure of some contingency
6. (insurance) the termination of coverage following a failure to pay the premiums
-verb (intr.)
7. to drop in standard or fail to maintain a norm
8. to decline gradually or fall in status, condition, etc.
9. to be discontinued, especially through negligence or other failure
10. (usually followed by “into”) to drift or slide (into a condition)
11. (often followed by “from”) to turn away (from beliefs or norms)
12. (law) (of a devise or bequest) to become void, as on the beneficiary's predeceasing the testator
13. (of time) to slip away

In a happy cloud they flock
Lapsing into parley for a while
Before taking flight again
Leaving crumbs and torn papers
In their noisy wake

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