Tuesday, 28 April 2015



1. a short light often metallic sound
2. the locking member of a ratchet mechanism, such as a pawl or detent
3. the movement of such a mechanism between successive locking positions
4. (phonetics) any of various stop consonants, found in Khoisan and as borrowings in southern Bantu languages, that are produced by the suction of air into the mouth
5. (US & Canadian, slang) a kilometre
6. (computing) an act of pressing and releasing a button on a mouse
7. to make or cause to make a clicking sound
8. (usually followed by “on”) (computing) to press and release (a button on a mouse) or to select (a particular function) by pressing and releasing a button on a mouse
9. (intr.) (slang) to be a great success
10. (intr.) (informal) to become suddenly clear
11. (intr.) (slang) to go or fit together with ease

It struts off
Offended and clicking
At our shallow offers of crumbs
When no less than a cadaver will do

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