Thursday, 26 March 2015



-verb (mainly trans.)
1. to regulate, conduct, or control the affairs of
2. (also intr.) to give commands or orders with authority to (a person or group)
3. to tell or show (someone) the way to a place
4. to aim, point, or cause to move towards a goal
5. to address (a letter, parcel, etc.)
6. to address (remarks, words, etc.)
7. (also intr.) to provide guidance to (actors, cameramen, etc.) in the rehearsal of a play or the filming of a motion picture
8. (also intr.) to conduct (a piece of music or musicians), usually while performing oneself
9. another word (especially US) for controlling or guiding (an orchestra, choir, etc.) by the movements of the hands or a baton
10. without delay or evasion; straightforward
11. without turning aside; uninterrupted; shortest; straight
12. without intervening persons or agencies; immediate
13. honest; frank; candid
14. (usually prenominal) precise; exact
15. diametrical
16. in an unbroken line of descent, as from father to son over succeeding generations
17. (of government, decisions, etc.) by or from the electorate rather than through representatives
18. (logic, mathematics) (of a proof) progressing from the premises to the conclusion, rather than eliminating the possibility of the falsehood of the conclusion (astronomy) moving from west to east on the celestial sphere
of or relating to direct current
19. (of a secondary induced current) having the same direction as the primary current
20. (music)
a. (of motion) in the same direction
b. (of an interval or chord) in root position; not inverted
21. directly; straight

I went through pages and pages
Looking for a direct answer
Before realizing I had to write it

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Dina said...

I love this one. So true!