Tuesday, 17 June 2014



1. to move or cause to move smoothly and easily
2. (trans.) to place, insert, or convey quickly or stealthily
3. (trans.) to put on or take off easily or quickly  
4. (intr.) to lose balance and slide unexpectedly
5. to let loose or be let loose
6. to be released from (something); escape
7. (trans.) to let go (mooring or anchor lines) over the side
8. when intr., often followed by “from” or “out of” . to pass out of (the mind or memory)
9. (trans.) to overlook, neglect, or miss
10. (intr.) to move or pass swiftly or unperceived
11. (intr.) sometimes followed by “up” . to make a mistake
12. Also: sideslip. to cause (an aircraft) to slide sideways or (of an aircraft) to slide sideways
13. (intr.) to decline in health, mental ability, etc.
14. (intr.) (of an intervertebral disc) to become displaced from the normal position
15. (trans.) to dislocate (a bone)
16. (of animals) to give birth to (offspring) prematurely
17(trans.) to pass (a stitch) from one needle to another without knitting it
18. (trans.) to operate (the clutch of a motor vehicle) so that it partially disengages
19. (intr.) (of the clutch of a motor vehicle) to fail to engage, especially as a result of wear
20. the act or an instance of slipping
21. a mistake or oversight
22. a moral lapse or failing
23. a woman's sleeveless undergarment, worn as a lining for and to give support to a dress
24. (US & Canadian) a narrow space between two piers in which vessels may dock
25. a kind of dog lead that allows for the quick release of the dog
26. a small block of hard steel of known thickness used for measurement, usually forming one of a set
27. the ratio between output speed and input speed of a transmission device when subtracted from unity, especially of a drive belt or clutch that is not transmitting full power
28. (cricket)
a. the position of the fielder who stands a little way behind and to the offside of the wicketkeeper
b. the fielder himself
29. the relative movement of rocks along a fault plane
30. a landslide, especially one blocking a road or railway line
31. (metallurgy, crystallography) the deformation of a metallic crystal caused when one part glides over another part along a plane
32. the deviation of a propeller from its helical path through a fluid, expressed as the difference between its actual forward motion and its theoretical forward motion in one revolution
33. another name for a sideways skid, as of a motor vehicle

1. a narrow piece; strip
2. a small piece of paper
3. a part of a plant that, when detached from the parent, will grow into a new plant; cutting; scion
4. a young slender person
5. (dialect) a young pig
6. (printing)
a. a long galley
b. a less common name for a galley proof
7. (mainly US) a pew or similar long narrow seat
8. a small piece of abrasive material of tapering section used in honing
9. (trans.) to detach (portions of stem, etc.) from (a plant) for propagation

1. clay mixed with water to a creamy consistency, used for decorating or patching a ceramic piece

He has a computer
But still jots down notes
On a slip of paper

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