Thursday, 12 June 2014



1. any of a number of chemical elements, such as iron or copper, that are often lustrous ductile solids, have basic oxides, form positive ions, and are good conductors of heat and electricity
2. an alloy, such as brass or steel, containing one or more of these elements
3. (printing) type made of metal
4. the substance of glass in a molten state or as the finished product
5. short for road metal (crushed rock, broken stone, etc., used to construct a road)
6. (informal) short for heavy metal (a type of rock music characterized by a strong beat and amplified instrumental effects, sometimes with violent, or nihilistic lyrics)
7. (navy)
a. the total weight of projectiles that can be shot by a ship's guns at any one time
b. the total weight or number of a ship's guns
8. Also called: heavy element (astronomy) any element heavier than helium
9. (heraldry) gold or silver
10. (plural) the rails of a railway
11. made of metal
12. to fit or cover with metal
13. to make or mend (a road) with road metal

As it was crying at night
The metal demon was muzzled
With a brand new water pipe

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