Thursday, 27 June 2013



1. to change or go or cause to change or go from one thing, person, or point to another to change (buses, trains, etc.)
2. (law) to make over (property, etc.) to another; convey
3. to displace (a drawing, design, etc.) from one surface to another
4. (of a football player, especially a professional) to change clubs or (of a club, manager, etc. to sell or release (a player) to another club
5. to leave one school, college, etc., and enrol at another
6. to change (the meaning of a word, etc.), especially by metaphorical extension
7. the act, process, or system of transferring, or the state of being transferred
8. a person or thing that transfers or is transferred
9. a design or drawing that is transferred from one surface to another, as by ironing a printed design onto cloth
10. (law) the passing of title to property or other right from one person to another by act of the parties or by operation of law; conveyance
11. (finance) . the act of transferring the title of ownership to shares or registered bonds in the books of the issuing enterprise
12. any document or form effecting or regulating a transfer
13. (mainly US & Canadian) a ticket that allows a passenger to change routes

On the darkened wall
A transfer talks through the night
Transferring social dialogues
Into art.

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