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(when intr., followed by “into” or “to”) (usually followed by “to”, “against” or “from”)
1. to move or cause to move around an axis.
2. (sometimes followed by “round”) to change or cause to change positions by moving through an arc of a circle.
3. to change or cause to change in course, direction, etc.
4. (of soldiers, ships, etc.) to alter the direction of advance by changing direction simultaneously or (of a commander) to cause the direction of advance to be altered simultaneously
5. to go or pass to the other side of (a corner, etc.)
6. to assume or cause to assume a rounded, curved, or folded form.
7. to reverse or cause to reverse position
8. (trans.) to pass round (an enemy or enemy position) so as to attack it from the flank or rear.
9. (trans.) to perform or do by a rotating movement.
10. (trans.) to shape or cut a thread in (a work piece, especially one of metal, wood, or plastic) by rotating it on a lathe against a fixed cutting tool
11. to change or convert or be changed or converted.
12. (followed by “into”) to change or cause to change in nature, character, etc.
13. (copula) to change so as to become.
14. to cause (foliage, etc.) to change colour or (of foliage, etc.) to change colour.
15. to cause (milk, etc.) to become rancid or sour or (of milk, etc.) to become rancid or sour
16. to change or cause to change in subject, trend, etc.
17. to direct or apply or be directed or applied.
18. to appeal or apply (to) for help, advice, etc.
19. to reach, pass, or progress beyond in age, time, etc.
20. (trans.) to cause or allow to go.
21. to affect or be affected with nausea.
22. to affect or be affected with giddiness.
23. (trans.) to affect the mental or emotional stability of someone
24. (trans.) to release from a container
25. (trans.) to render into another language
26. to transfer or reverse or cause to transfer or reverse (one's loyalties, affections, etc.)
27. (trans.) to cause (an enemy agent) to become a double agent working for one's own side.
28. (trans.) to bring (soil) from lower layers to the surface
29. to blunt (an edge) or (of an edge) to become blunted
30. (trans.) to give a graceful form to.
31. (trans.) to reverse (a cuff, collar, etc.) in order to hide the outer worn side
32. (US) (intr.) to be merchandised as specified.
33. cricket to spin (the ball) or (of the ball) to spin
34. an act or instance of turning or the state of being turned or the material turned.
35. a movement of complete or partial rotation
36. a change or reversal of direction or position
37. direction or drift.
38. a deviation or departure from a course or tendency
39. the place, point, or time at which a deviation or change occurs
40. another word for turning
41. the right or opportunity to do something in an agreed order or succession.
42. a change in nature, condition, etc.
43. a period of action, work, etc.
44. a short walk, ride, or excursion.
45. natural inclination
46. distinctive form or style.
47. requirement, need, or advantage:.
48. a deed performed that helps or hinders someone.
49. a twist, bend, or distortion in shape
50. music . a melodic ornament that makes a turn around a note, beginning with the note above, in a variety of sequences
51. (chiefly Brit.) theatre . a short theatrical act, especially in music hall, cabaret, etc.
52. stock exchange
 a. (Brit.) the difference between a market maker's bid and offer prices, representing the market maker's profit
 b. a transaction including both a purchase and a sale
53. a military manoeuvre in which men or ships alter their direction of advance together
54. slang (Austral.) . a party
55. informal . a shock or surprise.

She wanted
To go for a spin
Or maybe something
Like a turn
Or a jaunt
The car smiled

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