Friday, 3 May 2013



1. to move (a rough or sharp object) across (a surface), especially to smooth or clean
2.  trans.; often followed by “away” or “off”) to remove (a layer) by rubbing
3. to produce a harsh or grating sound by rubbing against (an instrument, surface, etc.)
4. (trans.) to injure or damage by rough contact
5. (intr.) to be very economical or sparing in the use (of something)
6. (intr.) to draw the foot backwards in making a bow
7. (trans.) to finish (a surface) by use of a scraper
8. (trans.) to make (a bearing, etc.) fit by scraping
9. the act of scraping
10. a scraped place
11. a harsh or grating sound
12. informal . an awkward or embarrassing predicament
13. informal . a conflict or struggle

I must confess
And this is a bit of a scrape
I do not recall what I meant then
Any more than I do now.

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