Sunday, 3 March 2013



1. an evergreen shrub or small tree, Camellia sinensis,  of tropical and subtropical Asia, having toothed leathery leaves and white fragrant flowers: family Theaceae
2. a. the dried shredded leaves of this shrub, used to make a beverage by infusion in boiling water
b. such a beverage, served hot or iced
 c. ( as modifier )as in tea caddy or tea urn
3. a. any of various plants that are similar to Camellia sinensis or are used to make a tea-like beverage
 b. any such beverage
4. chiefly  ( Brit )
 a. Also called: afternoon tea . a light meal eaten in mid-afternoon, usually consisting of tea and cakes, biscuits, or sandwiches
 b. ( as modifier )as in tea party
 c. Also called: high tea . afternoon tea that also includes a light cooked dish
5. (Brit., Austral., NZ) the main evening meal

Tea and a book
The bare minimum
For happiness

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