Friday, 29 March 2013



1. a. the inundation of land that is normally dry through the overflowing of a body of water, especially a river
  b. the state of a river that is at an abnormally high level (especially in the phrase in flood )
2. a great outpouring or flow: a flood of words
3. the rising of the tide from low to high water
4. theatre .  short for floodlight
5. archaic . a large body of water, as the sea or a river
6. (of water) to inundate or submerge (land) or (of land) to be inundated or submerged
7. to fill or be filled to overflowing, as with a flood
8. (intr.) to flow; surge
9. to supply an excessive quantity of petrol to (a carburettor or petrol engine) or (of a carburettor, etc.) to be supplied with such an excess
10. (intr.) to rise to a flood; overflow
11. (intr.)
  a. to bleed profusely from the uterus, as following childbirth
  b. to have an abnormally heavy flow of blood during a menstrual period

Winter brings its load of floods
Brown pachyderm-like waters
Ready to brake bridges and drown a city

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