Wednesday, 20 February 2013



1. an element or cause that contributes to a result
2. maths
a. one of two or more integers or polynomials whose product is a given integer or polynomial.
b. an integer or polynomial that can be exactly divided into another integer or polynomial.
3. (followed by identifying numeral ) medicine . any of several substances that participate in the clotting of blood
4. a person who acts on another's behalf, especially one who transacts business for another
5. commerce . a business that makes loans in return for or on security of trade debts
6. former name for a gene
7. commercial law . a person to whom goods are consigned for sale and who is paid a factorage
8. (in Scotland) the manager of an estate
9. (intr.) to engage in the business of a factor

Someone used this terminology
Of art factor over that of agent
And I started to look at the paints
Trying to derive their genes
To calculate a result, a product.

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