Saturday, 2 February 2013



1. intense mental application; complete attention
2. the act or process of concentrating
3. something that is concentrated
4. the strength of a solution, especially the amount of dissolved substance in a given volume of solvent, usually expressed in moles per cubic metre or cubic decimetre (litre)
5. the process of increasing the concentration of a solution
6. military
a. the act of bringing together military forces
b. the application of fire from a number of weapons against a target
7. economics  the degree to which the output or employment in an industry is accounted for by only a few firms
8. another name (especially US) for Pelmanism, i.e. a memory card game in which a pack of cards is spread out face down and players try to turn up pairs with the same number

Her concentration shows
In the vibration of her whiskers
The swishes of her tail
Do not disturb her
She is ever so tense
Her fur crackles with energy

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