Saturday, 11 August 2012



1. any domesticated or tamed animal that is kept as a companion and cared for affectionately.
2. a person especially cherished or indulged; favourite.
3. a thing particularly cherished.
4. kept or treated as a pet.
5. especially cherished or indulged, as a child or other person.
6. favourite; most preferred.
7. showing fondness or affection.
-verb (used with object)
8. to fondle or caress.
9. to treat as a pet; indulge.
-verb (used without object)
10.Informal . to engage in amorous fondling and caressing.

1. a fit of peevishness, sulking, or bad mood.
-verb (used without object)
2. to be peevish; sulk.

Pet me!
Pet me!
Pet me!
Tiny cat
Huge needs

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