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1. lesser or secondary in amount, extent, importance, or degree.
2. of or relating to the minority
3. below the age of legal majority
4. music
a. harmonic minor scale See also melodic minor scale (of a scale) having a semitone between the second and third and fifth and sixth degrees (natural minor)
b. (of a key) based on the minor scale
c. (postpositive) denoting a specified key based on the minor scale
d. (of an interval) reduced by a semitone from the major
e. (of a chord, especially a triad) having a minor third above the root
f. minor key See also minor mode (especially in jazz) of or relating to a chord built upon a minor triad and containing a minor seventh
5. logic . (of a term or premise) having less generality or scope than another term or proposition
6. (US) education . of or relating to an additional secondary subject taken by a student
7. (Brit.) (immediately postpositive) the younger or junior.
8. (postpositive) bell-ringing . of, relating to, or denoting a set of changes rung on six bells
9. a person or thing that is lesser or secondary
10. a person below the age of legal majority
11. (US), (Canadian) education . a subsidiary subject in which a college or university student needs fewer credits than in his or her major
12. music . a minor key, chord, mode, or scale
13. logic . a minor term or premise
14. maths
a. a determinant associated with a particular element of a given determinant and formed by removing the row and column containing that element
b. cofactor  also called: signed minor . the number equal to this reduced determinant
15. (capital) another name for Minorite
-verb (usually followed by “in”)
16. (US) education . to take a minor

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