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1. from higher to lower; in descending direction or order; toward, into, or in a lower position.
2. on or to the ground, floor, or bottom.
3. to or in a sitting or lying position.
4. to or in a position, area, or district considered lower, especially from a geographical or cartographic standpoint, as to the south, a business district, etc.
5. to or at a lower value or rate.
6. to a lesser pitch or volume.
7. in or to a calmer, less active, or less prominent state.
8. from an earlier to a later time.
9. from a greater to a lesser strength, amount, etc. an attitude of earnest application.
11.on paper or in a book. cash at the time of purchase; at once. the point of defeat, submission, inactivity, etc. or into a fixed or supine position. the source or actual position.
16.into a condition of ill health. or into a lower status or condition.
18.Nautical . toward the lee side, so as to turn a vessel to windward.
–preposition a descending or more remote direction or place on, over, or along.
20.downward; going or directed downward.
21.being at a low position or on the ground, floor, or bottom.
22.toward the south, a business district, etc.
23.associated with or serving traffic, transportation, or the like, directed toward the south, a business district, etc.
24.downcast; depressed; dejected.
25.ailing, especially, sick and bedridden.
26.being the portion of the full price, as of an article bought on the installment plan, that is paid at the time of purchase or delivery.
27.Football . (of the ball) not in play.
28.behind an opponent or opponents in points, games, etc.
29.Baseball . out.
30.losing or having lost the amount indicated, especially at gambling.
31.having placed one's bet.
32.finished, done, considered, or taken care of.
33.out of order.
34.a downward movement; descent.
35.a turn for the worse; reverse.
36.Football . of a series of four plays during which a team must advance the ball at least 10 yards (9 meters) to keep possession of it.
b.the declaring of the ball as down or out of play, or the play immediately preceding this.
–verb (used with object) put, knock, or throw down; subdue. drink down, especially quickly or in one gulp.
39.Informal . to defeat in a game or contest. cause to fall from a height, especially by shooting.
–verb (used without object) go down; fall.
42.(used as a command to a dog to stop attacking, to stop jumping on someone, to get off a couch or chair, etc.).
43.(used as a command or warning to duck, take cover, or the like)

1. the soft, first plumage of many young birds.
2. the soft under plumage of birds as distinct from the contour feathers.
3. the under plumage of some birds, as geese and ducks, used for filling in quilts, clothing, etc., chiefly for warmth.
4. a growth of soft, fine hair or the like.
5. Botany .
a.a fine, soft pubescence on plants and some fruits.
b.the light, feathery pappus or coma on seeds by which they are borne on the wind, as on the dandelion and thistle.
6. filled with down

1. Often, downs. (used especially in southern England) open, rolling, upland country with fairly smooth slopes usually covered with grass.
2. (initial capital letter ) any sheep of several breeds, raised originally in the downs of southern England, as the Southdown, Suffolk, etc.
3. Archaic . a hill, especially a sand hill or dune.

Yolks running down
Soaking into bread

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