Thursday 30 September 2010



a person who is an adept conversationalist at table.

My stomach
Is a deipnosophist.

Wednesday 29 September 2010



1. having no hair or bristles; smooth

Glabrous love feels in a cage
Painted over by desire or ennui
It wants to escape the bonds
But finds only reflective matters
In which getting lost and trapped
Once again.

Tuesday 28 September 2010



1. of or pertaining to drowsiness.
2. inducing drowsiness.

Light dancing in darkness
Whispering of mysteries
Genies to be rubbed the right way.

Monday 27 September 2010



1. serving to help or assist; auxiliary.
2. Medicine/Medical . utilizing drugs, radiation therapy, or other means of supplemental treatment following cancer surgery.
3. a person or thing that aids or helps.
4. anything that aids in removing or preventing a disease, especially a substance added to a prescription to aid the effect of the main ingredient.
5. Immunology . a substance admixed with an immunogen in order to elicit a more marked immune response.

Scooters as age adjuvant
Just looking at them
I become young once more.

Sunday 26 September 2010



-verb tr.

1. To attire with finery.
2. To dress or decorate in a gaudy manner.

Light dizens you
Becoming you less than shadows
Where one can idealize
Your shapes
And your soul.

Saturday 25 September 2010



1. an appointment to meet at a certain time and place, especially one made somewhat secretly by lovers.
2. an appointed meeting.
3. an appointed place of meeting.
–verb (used with object)

4. Chiefly Scot. to make an appointment or arrange a meeting with.
–verb (used without object)
5. Chiefly Scot. to make an appointment or agreement.

I had hoped the feral kittens could keep our tryst
But feared their mother would object to our meetings.
When I arrived, I was given an earful by the father.

Friday 24 September 2010



1. having or seeming to have a supernatural or inexplicable basis; beyond the ordinary or normal; extraordinary.
2. mysterious; arousing superstitious fear or dread; uncomfortably strange

An uncanny light takes holds of the clouds
A tremor tearing their curtain apart
To reveal another world dying in pain.

Thursday 23 September 2010



Conducted with secrecy; clandestine; concealed.

They had their clancular ways
Muffled in kisses and sighs
To handle life’s difficulties
The parents all too pliant
To offer any severe obstacle.

Background picture courtesy of the State Library Of New South Wales.

Wednesday 22 September 2010



A fingerprint.

Is leaving dactylograms
All over the ceiling...

Tuesday 21 September 2010



–verb (used with object)
1. to set (a boat or ship) in the water.
2. to float (a newly constructed boat or ship) usually by allowing to slide down inclined ways into the water.
3. to send forth, catapult, or release, as a self-propelled vehicle or weapon.
4. to start (a person) on a course, career, etc.
5. to set going; initiate.
6. to throw; hurl.
7. to start (a new venture) or promote (a new product).
8. Computers . to start (a software program).
–verb (used without object)
9. to burst out or plunge boldly or directly into action, speech, etc. start out or forth; push out or put forth on the water.
11.the act of launching.

1. a heavy open or half-decked boat propelled by oars or by an engine.
2. a large utility boat carried by a warship.

Helping a friend
Launch her book
A new adventure
For internet sailors

"Up from the Blue" a new novel by Susan Henderson

More at LitPark

Monday 20 September 2010



–verb (used with object)
1. to abolish by formal or official means; annul by an authoritative act; repeal.
2. to put aside; put an end to.

A flash from the past
Abrogated by later technology
Not yet an antiquity.

Sunday 19 September 2010



1. fond of or addicted to drink.
2. absorbent; spongy.

I have a bibulous glass
Fond of wine pretty and red
Cajoling drinks in the shade
I need to watch it
And moderate its habit
Less it gets drunk
And profligate.

Saturday 18 September 2010



1. characterized by stertor or heavy snoring.
2. breathing in this manner.

I wonder if he dreams
Stertorous visions shaking his whiskers

Friday 17 September 2010



Biology . moving or capable of moving spontaneously.

Motile time
Growing tendrils
Pushing momentum
Expending the universe:
Sand is finite,
The seconds not.

The background picture is copyright of Willow of Willow Manor, who has put it forth as a writing prompt.
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Thursday 16 September 2010



a. serving instead of someone or something else
b. that has been delegated
2. performed or suffered by one person as a substitute for another or to the benefit or advantage of another
3. experienced or realized through imaginative or sympathetic participation in the experience of another
4. occurring in an unexpected or abnormal part of the body instead of the usual one

Despite its best efforts,
The vicarious palm tree
Is unable to provide dates.

Wednesday 15 September 2010



1. to command solemnly under or as if under oath or penalty of a curse
2. to urge or advise earnestly

The mirror adjure
Heavens might be much too close
Beware of impact!

Tuesday 14 September 2010



Makeup or cosmetics.

Hiding behind graphic effects
The perfect maquillage or trick
Being there and yet not be quite
Ultimate escape illusion.

Monday 13 September 2010



1. The essence of someone or something.
2. A trifling point.

Four tin effigies
Quiddity of felines
On kitties' buffet.

Sunday 12 September 2010



1. any of several plants belonging to the genus Lycopersicon, of the nightshade family, native to Mexico and Central and South America, especially the widely cultivated species L. lycopersicum, bearing a mildly acid, pulpy, usually red fruit eaten raw or cooked as a vegetable.
2. the fruit itself.
3. Older Slang: Sometimes Offensive . a girl or woman.

I dream of the time
Of your watering the garden
Guided by moonlight,
Our bed fragrant with green scent
Tomato trace on your skin.

Saturday 11 September 2010



A hiding place

He found a latibule
Under the kitchen sink
An imperfect one at that
The faucet leaked.

Friday 10 September 2010



1. the rear part of the human body, extending from the neck to the lower end of the spine.
2. the part of the body of animals corresponding to the human back.
3. the rear portion of any part of the body.
4. the whole body, with reference to clothing.
5. ability for labour; effort; endurance.
6. the part opposite to or farthest from the front; the rear part.
7. the part that forms the rear of any object or structure.
8. the part that covers the back.
9. the spine or backbone.
10. any rear part of an object serving to support, protect, etc..
11. Nautical, Aeronautics . the forward side of a propeller blade.
12. Aeronautics . the top part or upper surface of an aircraft, especially of its fuselage.
13. Bookbinding . the edge of a book formed where its sections are bound together.
14. the backs, grounds along the River Cam in back of certain colleges at Cambridge University in England noted for their great beauty.
15. Architecture . Also extrados: the exterior curve or surface of an arch or vault.
16. Carpentry .
a. the upper side of a joist, rafter, handrail, etc.
b. the area of interior wall between a window stool and the floor.
17. Mining . the roof of a stope or drift.
18. Sports .
a. a player whose regular position is behind that of players who make initial contact with the opposing team, as behind the forward line in football or nearest the player's own goal in polo.
b. the position occupied by this player.
–verb (used with object)
19. to support, as with authority, influence, help, or money (often followed by “up”).
20. to bet on.
21. to cause to move backward (often followed by “up”)
22. to furnish with a back.
23. to lie at the back of; form a back or background for.
24. to provide with an accompaniment.
25. to get upon the back of; mount.
26. to write or print on the back of; endorse; countersign.
27. Carpentry . to attach strips of wood to the upper edge of (a joist or rafter) to bring it to a desired level.
28. Nautical .
a. to alter the position of (a sail) so that the wind will strike the forward face.
b. to brace (yards) in backing a sail.
c. to reinforce the hold of (an anchor) by means of a smaller one attached to it and dropped farther away.
–verb (used without object)
29. to go or move backward (often followed by “up”).
30. Nautical . (of wind) to change direction counterclockwise.
31. situated at or in the rear.
32. far away or removed from the front or main area, position, or rank; remote.
33. belonging to the past.
34. in arrears; overdue.
35. coming or going back; moving backward.
36. Navigation . Also reciprocal : bearing in a direction 180° to a given direction .
37. Phonetics . (of a speech sound) produced with the tongue articulating in the back part of the mouth, as in either of the sounds of go.

1. at, to, or toward the rear; backward.
2. in or toward the past.
3. at or toward the original starting point, place, or condition.
4. in direct payment or return.
5. in a state of restraint or retention.
6. in a reclining position

1. a large tub, vat, or cistern used by dyers, brewers, distillers, etc., to hold liquids.
2. a broad-beamed ferryboat hauled across a body of water by a rope or chain.

You rest at your window
Turning your back on the world.
The leaves are still falling.

The background picture is copyright of Willow of Willow Manor, who has put it forth as a writing prompt.
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Thursday 9 September 2010



1. the part of the wreckage of a ship and its cargo found floating on the water.
2. material or refuse floating on water.
3. useless or unimportant items; odds and ends.
4. a vagrant, penniless population

After the storm
Broken loves
Mere flotsam
Foam driven
Drift apart

Wednesday 8 September 2010




The grassy surface of land: turf.

Let’s walk
In the sward
Sweeping upward
A ticklish walk.

Tuesday 7 September 2010



Promoting peace or conciliation.

Your name
In my dreams
On irenic skies
But you escape me
A lone cloud

Monday 6 September 2010



–verb (used with object)

1. to mix up in a confused or bungling manner; jumble.
2. to cause to become mentally confused.
3. to cause to become confused or stupid with or as if with an intoxicating drink.
4. to make muddy or turbid, as water.
5. to mix or stir (a cocktail, chocolate, etc.).
6. Ceramics . to smooth (clay) by rubbing it on glass.
–verb (used without object)
7. to behave, proceed, or think in a confused or aimless fashion or with an air of improvisation: Some people just muddle along, waiting for their big break.
8. the state or condition of being muddled, especially a confused mental state.
9. a confused, disordered, or embarrassing condition; mess.

Too many thoughts
Muddled inside my brain
Shaken and stirred
Mind cocktail.

Sunday 5 September 2010



1. well filled out or rounded in form; somewhat fleshy or fat.
–verb (used without object)
2. to become plump (often followed by “up” or “out”).
–verb (used with object)
3. to make plump (often followed by “up” or “out”)

–verb (used without object)
1. to drop or fall heavily or suddenly; come down abruptly or with direct impact.
2. Chiefly British . to vote exclusively for one candidate in an election, instead of distributing or splitting one's votes among a number.
–verb (used with object)
3. to drop or throw heavily or suddenly (often followed by “down”)
4. to utter or say bluntly (often followed by “out”)
5. to praise or extol
6. a heavy or sudden fall.
7. the sound resulting from such a fall.
8. with a heavy or sudden fall or drop.
9. directly or bluntly, as in speaking. a vertical direction; straight down.
11.with sudden encounter.
12.with direct impact.
–adj.; downright; blunt.

Plump plum
Plumping summer
In a plump manner

Saturday 4 September 2010



Very fat, overweight, obscenely obese

The doctor's verdict was clear,
The animal declared crassulent
- Much to her horror and denial -
And condemned to dieting inferno.

Friday 3 September 2010



–verb (used with object)
1. to afflict with great bodily or mental suffering; pain.
2. to worry or annoy excessively.
3. to throw into commotion; stir up; disturb.
4. a state of great bodily or mental suffering; agony; misery.
5. something that causes great bodily or mental pain or suffering.
6. a source of much trouble, worry, or annoyance.
7. an instrument of torture, as the rack or the thumbscrew.
8. the infliction of torture by means of such an instrument or the torture so inflicted.

I will admit it:
I did hesitate
Surfing on the edge
Reason or folly
Keeping it or not
Keeping it. Or not.

It had met your lips
And I was jealous
But also your teeth
Its flesh marred, broken
Rot a breath away

It had met your lips
Its scent too haunting
Truly maddening
To be forsaken
Tormenting notion.
It going to waste

It had met your lips:
That did seal its fate.
I couldn’t let go.
I ate your apple
Your abandoned kiss
Our shared memory.

The background picture is copyright of Willow of Willow Manor, who has put it forth as a writing prompt.
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Thursday 2 September 2010



-verb (used with object)

1. to let fall in separate pieces or particles over a surface; scatter or sprinkle
2. to cover or overspread (a surface, place, etc.) with something scattered or sprinkled
3. to be scattered or sprinkled over (a surface)
4. to spread widely; disseminate

Strewn live emerald
Captured by a lazy wave.
Savoury lettuce.

Wednesday 1 September 2010



1. Offensive, especially to the sense of smell.
2. Harmful; noxious.

Noisome and noxious
Rotten flesh a threat to health
Zombie fruits looming.