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–verb (used with object)
1. to throw or hurl; fling.
2. to throw off or away.
3. to direct (the eye, a glance, etc.), especially in a cursory manner.
4. to cause to fall upon something or in a certain direction; send forth.
5. to draw (lots), as in telling fortunes.
6. Angling.
a. to throw out (a fishing line, net, bait, etc.).
b. to fish in (a stream, an area, etc.):.
7. to throw down or bring to the ground.
8. to part with; lose.
9. to shed or drop (hair, fruit, etc.).
10.(of an animal) to bring forth (young), especially abortively. send off (a swarm), as bees do. throw or set aside; discard or reject; dismiss. throw forth, as from within; emit or eject; vomit. throw up (earth, sod, etc.), as with a shovel. put or place, especially hastily or forcibly. deposit or give (a ballot or vote). bestow; confer. make suitable or accordant; tailor.
a. to select actors for (a play, motion picture, or the like).
b. to allot a role to (an actor).
c. to assign an actor to (a role). form (an object) by pouring metal, plaster, etc., in a fluid state into a mould and letting it harden. form (metal, plaster, etc.) into a particular shape by pouring it into a mould in a fluid state and letting it harden. tap (a blast furnace). compute or calculate; add, as a column of figures. compute or calculate (a horoscope) astrologically; forecast. turn or twist; warp.
26.Nautical. to turn the head of (a vessel), especially away from the wind in getting under way.
27.Fox Hunting. (of a hunter) to lead or direct (hounds) over ground believed to have been recently travelled by a fox.
28.Archaic. to contrive, devise, or plan.
29.Obsolete. to ponder.
–verb (used without object) throw. receive form in a mould. calculate or add. conjecture; forecast.
34.(of hounds) to search an area for scent. warp, as timber.
36.Nautical. (of a vessel) to turn, especially to get the head away from the wind; tack. select the actors for a play, motion picture, or the like.
a. to consider.
b. to plan or scheme.
39.act of casting or throwing.
40.that which is thrown.
41.the distance to which a thing may be cast or thrown.
a. a throw of dice.
b. the number rolled.
a. act of throwing a line or net onto the water.
b. a spot for casting; a fishing place.
44.Theatre. the group of performers to whom parts are assigned; players.
45.Hunting. a searching of an area for a scent by hounds.
46.a stroke of fortune; fortune or lot.
47.a ride offered on one's way; lift.
48.the form in which something is made or written; arrangement.
a. act of casting or founding.
b. the quantity of metal cast at one time.
50.something formed from a material poured into a mould in a molten or liquid state; casting. impression or mould made from something.
52.Medicine/Medical. a rigid surgical dressing, usually made of bandage treated with plaster of Paris.
53.outward form; appearance.
54.sort; kind; style.
55.tendency; inclination.
56.a permanent twist or turn.
57.a warp.
58.a slight tinge of some colour; hue; shade.
59.a dash or trace; a small amount.
60.computation; calculation; addition.
61.a conjecture; forecast.
62.Zoology. something that is shed, ejected, or cast off or out, as moulted skin, a feather, food from a bird's crop, or the coil of sand and waste passed by certain earthworms.
63.Ornithology. Also called Pellet - small, roundish mass of matter regurgitated by certain predatory birds, consisting of the indigestible remains, as the fur, feathers, and bones, of the prey.
64.Falconry. a pair of hawks put in flight together.
65.Pathology. effused plastic matter produced in the hollow parts of various diseased organs.
66.low-grade, irregular wool.
67.(of an animal, esp. a horse) lying in such a position that it is unable to return to its feet without assistance.

I write your eulogy
On dead leaves
Casting them to the wind
To be discovered,
Later, by strangers;
Hoping to reach
Your rambling soul.

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