Wednesday, 18 April 2018



1. a block of solid material, in particular wood or metal, that is shaped like a narrow V in cross section and can be pushed or driven between two objects or parts of an object in order to split or secure them
2. any formation, structure, or substance in the shape of a wedge
3. something such as an idea, action, etc., that tends to cause division
4. a shoe with a wedge heel
5. (golf) . a club with a face angle of more than 50°, used for bunker shots (sand wedge) or pitch shots (pitching wedge)
6. a wedge-shaped extension of the high pressure area of an anticyclone, narrower than a ridge
7. (mountaineering) . a wedge-shaped device, formerly of wood, now usually of hollow steel, for hammering into a crack to provide an anchor point
8. any of the triangular characters used in cuneiform writing
9. (formerly) a body of troops formed in a V-shape
10. (photography) . a strip of glass coated in such a way that it is clear at one end but becomes progressively more opaque towards the other end: used in making measurements of transmission density
11. (British) (slang) . a bribe
12. (trans.) to secure with or as if with a wedge
13. to squeeze or be squeezed like a wedge into a narrow space
14. (trans.) to force apart or divide with or as if with a wedge

With or without?
This tea wedge will either
Please or disgust you

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