Saturday, 10 March 2018



1. a small building or lean-to of light construction, used for storage, shelter, etc.
2. a large roofed structure, in particular one with open sides, used for storage, repairs, sheep shearing, etc.
3. a large retail outlet in the style of a warehouse
4. (New Zealand) another name for freezing works
5. (trans.) (New Zealand) to store (hay or wool) in a shed

-verb (mainly trans.)
1. to pour forth or cause to pour forth
2. to cast off or lose
3. (of a lorry) to drop (its load) on the road by accident
4. to abolish or get rid of (jobs, workers, etc.)
5. to repel
6. (also intr.) (in weaving) to form an opening between (the warp threads) in order to permit the passage of the shuttle
7. (trans.) (dialect) . to make a parting in (the hair)
8. (weaving) the space made by shedding
9. (mainly Scottish) a parting in the hair

1. (trans.) to separate or divide off (some farm animals) from the remainder of a group
2. (of a dog) the action of separating farm animals

Here she comes
For the kill
(or a the very least for the shed)
Determined to have it her way

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