Wednesday, 2 August 2017



1. dry fine powdery material, such as particles of dirt, earth or pollen
2. a cloud of such fine particles
3. the powdery particles to which something is thought to be reduced by death, decay, or disintegration
4. the mortal body of man
5. the corpse of a dead person
6. the earth; ground
7. (informal) a disturbance; fuss
8. something of little or no worth
9. (informal) .(in mining jargon) . silicosis or any similar respiratory disease
10. ashes or household refuse
11. (trans.) to sprinkle or cover (something) with (dust or some other powdery substance)
12. to remove dust by wiping, sweeping, or brushing
13. (archaic) .to make or become dirty with dust

A modern Scarlett
Spurning dust until it is land

Worth fighting for

Iva Basara - Photography workshop with Margarita Kareva in Florence

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