Monday, 2 May 2016



1. the act or an instance of looking for or seeking; search 
2. (in medieval romance) an expedition by a knight or company of knights to accomplish some prescribed task, such as finding the Holy Grail
3. the object of a search; goal or target 
4. (rare) a collection of alms
-verb (mainly intr.)
5. followed by “for” or “after”.  to go in search (of)
6. to go on a quest
7. (of gun dogs or hounds)
a. to search for game
b. to bay when in pursuit of game
8. (rare) to collect alms
9. (also trans.) (archaic) to go in search of (a thing); seek or pursue

Our kisses
Will burn through my nights and days
No snow will cool my armour
And so with laughter, fever, walls, or snow
My quest will have a house in your skin
For a faithful dog
To secretly live in
Because you are the question of all questions
And my armour, in your scent, in your fever 
Will finally becomes one with shadows

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