Sunday, 10 April 2016



-verb (trans.)
1. to withdraw, pull out, or uproot by force
2. to remove or separate
3. to derive (pleasure, information, etc.) from some source or situation
4. to deduce or develop (a doctrine, policy, etc.)
5. (informal) to extort (money, etc.)
6. to obtain (a substance) from a mixture or material by a chemical or physical process, such as digestion, distillation, 7. the action of a solvent, or mechanical separation
8. to cut out or copy out (an article, passage, quotation, etc.) from a publication
9. to determine the value of (the root of a number)
10. something extracted, such as a part or passage from a book, speech, etc.
11. a preparation containing the active principle or concentrated essence of a material
12. (pharmacology) a solution of plant or animal tissue containing the active principle

Simple water
Made to extract the meaning
Of roasted fennel

Passion fruit

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