Thursday, 7 January 2016



1. to draw out or be drawn out; stretch
2. to last for a certain time
3. (intr.) to reach a certain point in time or distance
4. (intr.) to exist or occur
5. (trans.) to increase (a building, etc.) in size or area; add to or enlarge
6. (trans.) to broaden the meaning or scope of
7. (trans.) to put forth, present, or offer
8. to stretch forth (an arm, etc.)
9. (trans.) to lay out (a body) at full length
10. (trans.) to strain or exert (a person or animal) to the maximum
11. (trans.) to prolong (the time originally set) for payment of (a debt, or loan), completion of (a task), etc.
12. (trans.) (accounting)
a. to carry forward
b. to calculate the amount of (a total, balance, etc)
13. (trans.) (law) (formerly in England) to value or assess (land)

Cold and fog
Extending each other
In the approach of night

Light is vanquished

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