Thursday, 9 July 2015



-noun (sometimes functioning as plural)
1. a group of animals of one kind, especially sheep or birds
2. a large number of people; crowd
3. a body of Christians regarded as the pastoral charge of a priest, a bishop, the pope, etc.
4. (rare) a band of people; group
-verb (intr.)
5. to gather together or move in a flock
6. to go in large numbers 

1. a tuft, as of wool, hair, cotton, etc.
2. waste from fabrics such as cotton, wool, or other cloth used for stuffing mattresses, upholstered chairs, etc.
3. very small tufts of wool applied to fabrics, wallpaper, etc., to give a raised pattern
4. another word for floccule
5. (trans.) to fill, cover, or ornament with flock

Walking the flock

Flocking the ground

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