Friday, 1 August 2014



1. (intr.) to close and open one eye quickly, deliberately, or in an exaggerated fashion to convey friendliness, etc.
2. to close and open (an eye or the eyes) momentarily
3. (trans.; followed by “away”, “back”, etc.) to force away (tears, etc.) by winking
4. (trans.) to signal with a wink
5. (intr.) (of a light) to gleam or flash intermittently
6. a winking movement, especially one conveying a signal, etc., or such a signal
7. an interrupted flashing of light
8. a brief moment of time; instant
9. (informal) the smallest amount, especially of sleep

a disc used in the game of tiddlywinks

The walls have ears
Or so - they - say
Though I find more
Eyes and mouths calling
Even a sassy wink

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