Sunday, 27 October 2013



1. any of various marine bivalves of the family Pectinidae, having a fluted fan-shaped shell: includes free-swimming species (genus Pecten) and species attached to a substratum (genus Chlamys)
2. the edible adductor muscle of certain of these molluscs
3. either of the shell valves of any of these molluscs
4. a scallop shell or similarly shaped dish, in which fish, especially shellfish, is cooked and served
5. one of a series of curves along an edge, especially an edge of cloth
6. the shape of a scallop shell used as the badge of a pilgrim, especially in the Middle Ages (mainly 7. Australian) a potato cake fried in batter
8. (trans.) to decorate (an edge) with scallops
9. to bake (food) in a scallop shell or similar dish
10. (intr.) to collect scallop

The sea-ness of it all
Flesh tender yet submissive
Sweet in an almost sexual way
Like eating a mermaid's thigh
Scallop dusted in seaweed

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