Saturday, 14 September 2013



1. the dense coat of fine silky hairs on such mammals as the cat, seal, and mink
2. the dressed skin of certain fur-bearing animals, with the hair left on
3. a garment made of fur, such as a coat or stole
4. a pile fabric made in imitation of animal fur
5. a garment made from such a fabric
6. (heraldry) . any of various stylized representations of animal pelts or their tinctures, especially ermine or vair, used in coats of arms
7. (informal) . a whitish coating of cellular debris on the tongue, caused by excessive smoking, an upset stomach, etc.
8. (British) . a whitish-grey deposit consisting chiefly of calcium carbonate precipitated from hard water onto the insides of pipes, boilers, and kettles
9. (trans.) to line or trim a garment, etc., with fur
10. often followed by “up” . to cover or become covered with a fur-like lining or deposit
11. (trans.) to clothe (a person) in a fur garment or garments

He’s proud of his fur
Even if he sheds it in abundance
All over the summer

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Lostnfoundation said...

My favorite kitty.