Wednesday, 10 July 2013



1. (often followed by “in”) to lay out (money or capital in an enterprise, especially by purchasing shares) with the expectation of profit
2. (trans.; often followed by “in”) to devote (effort, resources, etc., to a project)
3. (trans.; often followed by “in” or “with”) (mainly archaic) to clothe or adorn (in some garment, especially the robes of an office)
4. (trans.; often followed by “in”) to install formally or ceremoniously (in an official position, rank, etc.)
5. (trans.; followed by “in” or “with”) to place (power, authority, etc., in) or provide (with power or authority)
6. (trans.; usually passive; followed by “in” or “with”) to provide or endow (a person with qualities, characteristics, etc.)
7. (trans. followed by “with”) (usually poetic) to cover or adorn, as if with a coat or garment
8. (trans.) (rare) to surround with military forces; besiege
9. (intr.; followed by “in”) (informal) to purchase; buy

It took a pope
To invest in water distribution
Where the Caesars had left
Forbidden baths

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