Saturday, 24 November 2012



1. resting in the same plane; without bends or irregularities
2. silky to the touch
3. lacking roughness of surface; flat
4. tranquil or unruffled
5. lacking obstructions or difficulties
6. a. suave or persuasive, especially as suggestive of insincerity
b. used in combination in that sense
7. (of the skin) free from hair
8. of uniform consistency
9. not erratic; free from jolts
10. not harsh or astringent
11. having all projections worn away
12. maths . (of a curve) differentiable at every point
13. phonetics . without preliminary or simultaneous aspiration
14. gentle to the ear; flowing
15. physics . (of a plane, surface, etc.) regarded as being frictionless
16. in a calm or even manner; smoothly
-verb (often followed by “down”) (often followed by “out” or “away”)
17. to make or become flattened or without roughness or obstructions
18. to take or rub (away) in order to make smooth
19. to make calm; soothe
20. to make easier
21. electrical engineering . to remove alternating current ripple from the output of a direct current power supply
22. obsolete . to make more polished or refined
23. the smooth part of something
24. the act of smoothing
25. tennis, squash, badminton . the side of a racket on which the binding strings form a continuous line

Here goes Mister Smooth
Awaking from a fourth slumber
Demanding cuddles
Begging would be so uncouth

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