Friday, 6 July 2012



- noun
1. something designed to support a person in a sitting position, as a chair, bench, or pew; a place on or in which one sits.
2. the part of a chair, sofa, or the like, on which one sits.
3. the part of the body on which one sits; the buttocks.
4. the part of the garment covering it: the seat of one's pants.
5. a manner of or posture used in sitting, as on a horse.
6. something on which the base of an object rests.
7. the base itself.
8. a place in which something belongs, occurs, or is established; site; location.
9. a place in which administrative power or the like is centred.
10.a part of the body considered as the place in which an emotion or function is centred.
11.the office or authority of a king, bishop, etc.
12.a space in which a spectator or patron may sit; accommodation for sitting, as in a theatre or stadium.
13.right of admittance to such a space, especially as indicated by a ticket.
14.a right to sit as a member in a legislative or similar body: to hold a seat in the senate.
15.a right to the privileges of membership in a stock exchange or the like.
-verb (used with object) place on a seat or seats; cause to sit down. usher to a seat or find a seat for. have seats for; accommodate with seats. put a seat on or into (a chair, garment, etc.). install in a position or office of authority, in a legislative body, etc. fit (a valve) with a seat. attach to or place firmly in or on something as a base
-verb (used without object)
23.(of a cap, valve, etc.) to be closed or in proper position.

 I long for you
A melancholy seat
By drooping roses
Kisses and cake.

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