Friday, 10 February 2012




1. a wasteful person; spendthrift.
2. Chiefly British .
a. refuse; waste.
b. a waif; abandoned child.
c. an idler or vagabond

Over the weekend,
The street filled with wastrels
Looking for a little attention
A ray of sunshine

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Dina said...

Dear Nathalie, my archaeologist friend died quite unexpectedly recently. His wife is making an evening to bring together those who knew and loved him. Each is to send her a poem or song which connects to our common friend, to be read or sung at the gathering.
I would love to use your words and photo at

It is so perfect.
Would that be OK?
With thanks to you (your full name) and blog and whatever else you tell me.
You could let me know, please, in a private comment at my blog.
Thank you!