Saturday, 8 August 2009



1. artfully or affectedly shy or reserved; slyly hesitant; coquettish.
2. shy; modest.
3. showing reluctance, esp. when insincere or affected, to reveal one's plans or opinions, make a commitment, or take a stand.
4. Archaic. disdainful; aloof.
5. Obsolete. quiet; reserved.
–verb (used without object)
6. Archaic. to act in a coy manner.
–verb (used with object) Obsolete.
7. to quiet; soothe.
8. to pat; caress.

Coy seduction in
Kimono sleeve left hanging.
Multi-layered clouds
Slipping off a blue shoulder;
Skittish summer firmament.

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Zeka Viola said...

your blog is beutiful. the posts are inspired. you are an artist.
zeka viola