Tuesday, 3 February 2009



1. moving or proceeding with little or less than usual speed or velocity.
2. characterized by lack of speed.
3. taking or requiring a comparatively long time for completion.
4. requiring or taking a long time for growing, changing, or occurring; gradual.
5. sluggish in nature, disposition, or function.
6. dull of perception or understanding; mentally dull.
7. not prompt, readily disposed, or in haste (usually fol. by to or an infinitive).
8. burning or heating with little speed or intensity, as a fire or an oven.
9. slack; not busy.
10.having some quality that retards speed or causes movement, progress, work, etc., to be accomplished at less than the usual or expected rate of speed.
11.running at less than the proper rate of speed or registering less than the proper time, as a clock.
12.passing heavily or dragging, as time.
13.not progressive; behind the times.
14.dull, humdrum, uninteresting, or tedious.
15.Photography. requiring long exposure, as by having a small lens diameter or low film sensitivity.
16.(of the surface of a race track) sticky from a fairly recent rain and in the process of drying out.
17.in a slow manner; slowly.
–verb (used with object)
18.to make slow or slower (often fol. by up or down).
19.to retard; reduce the advancement or progress of.
–verb (used without object)
20.to become slow or slower; slacken in speed (often fol. by up or down).

Slowly your hand lifts
Tracing a figure in air.
A sparrow in flight.


- A - C - said...


SandyCarlson said...

That is completely splendid. A definition of grace, too, I think!

Nancy Bea Miller said...

Oh now, that's beautiful!

Deborah Godin said...

Words and photo - each as graceful as the other...

Anonymous said...

a lovely haiku

Femin Susan said...

Wow, you have a great poetic heart! Keep it coming! Good job!

Amias said...

Not only graceful, but oh so sensual.

Regina Marie said...

I liked this - "having some quality that retards speed or causes movement"

Jeeves said...

Lovely haiku!!!!

Beth P. said...

This is beautiful! Is it your hand? The photo and words are stunning!
Reminds me somehow of origami, too.
Weird wiring in my cortex this morning!

zoya gautam said...

..the hands have wings-lovely..many thanks..