Monday, 22 May 2017



1. a short piece remaining after something has been cut, removed, etc.
2. the residual piece or section of a receipt, ticket, cheque, etc.
3. (US and Canadian) . the part of a cheque, postal order, receipt, etc., detached and retained as a record of the transaction.
4. any short projection or blunted end
5. the stump of a tree or plant
-verb (trans.)
6. to strike (one's toe, foot, etc.) painfully against a hard surface
7. (usually followed by “out”) . to extinguish (a cigarette or cigar) by pressing the end against a surface
8. to clear (land) of stubs
9. to dig up (the roots) of (a tree or bush)

She considers leaving her stub on the pavement

Thinks again: she might clean the store front

Sunday, 21 May 2017



of or relating to nutrition (from Greek trophikos, from trophē food, from trephein to feed)

Trophic delights
From faraway places

Culinary tours

Saturday, 20 May 2017



1. (trans.) to pamper or pet
2. any pet animal, especially a lamb

He would like it so much
To be cossetted and cuddled
But is too scared to accept
More than a quick caress

Friday, 19 May 2017



1. of, being, or situated at an end, terminus, or boundary
2. of, relating to, or occurring after or in a term
3. (of a disease) terminating in death
4. (informal) . extreme
5. of or relating to the storage or delivery of freight at a warehouse
6. a terminating point, part, or place
7. a point at which current enters or leaves an electrical device, such as a battery or a circuit
8. a conductor by which current enters or leaves at such a point
9. (computing) . a device having input/output links with a computer but situated at a distance from the computer
10. (architecture)
a. an ornamental carving at the end of a structure
b. a sculptured post, in particular one in the form of an armless bust or an animal on the top of a square pillar (also called “term”)
11. a point or station usually at the end of the line of a railway, serving as an important access point for passengers or freight
12 a less common name for terminus
13. a purpose-built reception and departure structure at the terminus of a bus, sea, or air transport route
14. a site where raw material is unloaded, stored, in some cases reprocessed, and reloaded for further transportation, in particular an onshore installation designed to receive offshore oil or gas from tankers or a pipeline
15. (physiology)
a. the smallest arteriole before its division into capillaries
b. either of two veins that collect blood from the thalamus and surrounding structures and empty it into the internal cerebral vein
c. the portion of a bronchiole just before it subdivides into the air sacs of the lungs

There where stars are seen,
A terminal more incomparable than mind
Courting the local liberty of severe extra strings

Waving the flag of a world of partial surfaces.



of, relating to, or constituting the zones of the oceans deeper than abyssal, i.e. below about 6000 metres (18 000 ft)

Ocean breath pushing against
The weight of a drowned sun
Flying off the wall of night
In hadal depths and cold grass;
A box for streams of dead sand,
Gaseous wails making their way
To an uncertain surface

Wednesday, 17 May 2017



1. expressing or meaning a refusal or denial
2. lacking positive or affirmative qualities, such as enthusiasm, interest, or optimism
3. showing or tending towards opposition or resistance
4. . measured in a direction opposite to that regarded as positive
5. having the same magnitude but opposite sense to an equivalent positive quantity
6. (biology) . indicating movement or growth away from a particular stimulus
7. (medicine) . (of the results of a diagnostic test) indicating absence of the disease or condition for which the test was made
8. (physics)
a. (of an electric charge) having the same polarity as the charge of an electron
b. (of a body, system, ion, etc.) having a negative electric charge; having an excess of electrons
c. (of a point in an electric circuit) having a lower electrical potential than some other point with an assigned zero potential
9. short for electronegative
10. of or relating to a photographic negative
11. (logic) . (of a categorial proposition) denying the satisfaction by the subject of the predicate
12. (astrology) . of, relating to, or governed by the signs of the zodiac of the earth and water classifications, which are thought to be associated with a receptive passive nature
13. short for Rh negative
14. a statement or act of denial, refusal, or negation
15. a negative person or thing
16. (photography) . a piece of photographic film or a plate, previously exposed and developed, showing an image that has a reversal of tones (in black-and-white photography) or in complementary colours to the subject (in colour photography)
17. (physics) . a negative object, such as a terminal or a plate in a voltaic cell
18. a sentence or other linguistic element with a negative meaning, as the English word not
19. a quantity less than zero or a quantity to be subtracted
20. (logic) . a negative proposition
21. (archaic) . the right of veto
22. (military communications) . a signal code word for no
-verb (trans.)
23. to deny or nullify; negate
24. to show to be false; disprove
25. to refuse to consent to or approve of

A new dress and
Another one discarded at the far end of the black trees
Its negative twitching slowly in the wind
A reflected world
Barred to all

For the time being

Tuesday, 16 May 2017



1. a soldier who guards or prevents unauthorized access to a place, keeps watch for danger, etc
2. the watch kept by a sentry

On this island
Stands a sentry
Keeping tourists at bay
Or ignoring them
For want of finding a better story
Or something else to do.

Monday, 15 May 2017



1. a tract of swampy low-lying land
2. a disordered or muddled situation or circumstance, in particular one that impedes progress

This sun is not made for days,
And our sky might be hell bound.
Surface and mental morass
As far as one can see and beyond:

Our world is done.

Sunday, 14 May 2017



1. a process in animals and plants involving the intake of nutrient materials and their subsequent assimilation into the tissues
2. the act or process of nourishing
3. the study of nutrition, especially in humans

I saw her on the road
Wan and nearly transparent
Nutrition already receding
From her veins

Like a bad dream.

Saturday, 13 May 2017



1. splendid or impressive in appearance
2. superb or very fine
3. (especially of ideas) . noble or elevated
4. (archaic) . great or exalted in rank or action

Such magnificent
And goofy creature

A true heart throb

Friday, 12 May 2017



1. surpassingly good; excellent
2. majestic or imposing
3. magnificently rich; luxurious

Silence was a woman you’ve been waiting for

Her voice severe, superb, still full of soft expression.

Thursday, 11 May 2017



1. characterized by or indicating neatness and order
2. (informal) . considerable
3. ( when intr., usually followed by “up”) to put (things) in order; neaten
-noun plural
4. a small container in which odds and ends are kept
5. (mainly US and Canadian) . an ornamental protective covering for the back or arms of a chair
6. Short for sink tidy: a container with holes in the bottom, kept in the sink to retain rubbish that might clog the plug hole

Half -empty continents unfold between liquid walls
Of tidy fields and roads,
A landscape that has nothing to do with words or silence

A riot of colours after the rain

Wednesday, 10 May 2017



1. a soft thick lump or mass
2. (British) (informal) . a stupid person; fool
3. to form or cause to form into a soft thick lump or lumps

Not a single person to stop the world
In all its clotted magnificence
As we fly down the road cutting corners.

I don't know what to do with the fires.

Tuesday, 9 May 2017



1. a rounded organ of vegetative reproduction in plants such as the tulip and onion: a flattened stem bearing a central shoot surrounded by fleshy nutritive inner leaves and thin brown outer leaves
2. a plant, such as a hyacinth or daffodil, that grows from a bulb
3. light bulb
4. a rounded part of an instrument such as a syringe or thermometer
5. (anatomy) . a rounded expansion of a cylindrical organ or part, such as the medulla oblongata
6. a bulbous protuberance at the forefoot of a ship to reduce turbulence (Also called : bulbous bow)

A contemporary luxury bulb
On the threshold between
The shells of our fractured world
The last print of a convention
Ready for the wrong war

Monday, 8 May 2017



to inquire into (a situation or problem, especially a crime or death) thoroughly; examine systematically, especially in order to discover the truth

Hear the story of how
Three angels slept in a field
To investigate the sins of night
Wet grass and metal flowers.
A story cast in stone:

They rusted over dawn.

Sunday, 7 May 2017



-plural noun (usually functioning as singular)
1. a broad-leaved garlic, Allium ursinum, native to Europe and Asia
2. the bulbous root of this plant, eaten as a relish or as pesto

Spring on a plate:
Eggs and bonito mayonnaise
Green asparagus and
Grilled ramsons
Tender peas