Tuesday, 25 October 2016



1. tedious or time-consuming business, especially when of a formal nature
2. loud and confused talk and activity; hubbub
3. (often used humorously) a conference
4. rare talk intended to flatter or persuade
5. West Africa
a. an argument
b. trouble arising from an argument
6. (intr.) (often used humorously) to have a conference
7. (intr.) to talk loudly and confusedly
8. (trans.) to flatter or cajole

Coming on to Halloween
Great palavers were held

Over costume choices

Monday, 24 October 2016



1. an established form or set of words, as used in religious ceremonies, legal proceedings, etc.
2. (mathematics, physics a general relationship) , principle, or rule stated, often as an equation, in the form of symbols
3. (chemistry) . a representation of molecules, radicals, ions, etc., expressed in the symbols of the atoms of their constituent elements. 
4. a method, pattern, or rule for doing or producing something, often one proved to be successful
a. a prescription for making up a medicine, baby's food, etc.
b. a substance prepared according to such a prescription
6. (motor racing) .  the specific category in which a particular type of car competes, judged according to engine size, weight, and fuel capacity

Light and
A formula
Turning dreams

Into fog

Sunday, 23 October 2016



1. (followed by “against”, “on”, or “upon”) . to rest or cause to rest against a support
2. to incline or cause to incline from a vertical position
3. (intr.) (followed by “to” or “towards”) . to have or express a tendency or leaning
4. the condition of inclining from a vertical position

1. (especially of a person or an animal) having no surplus flesh or bulk; not fat or plump
2. not bulky or full
3. (of meat) having little or no fat
4. not rich, abundant, or satisfying
5. (of a mixture of fuel and air) containing insufficient fuel and too much air
6. (of printer's type) having a thin appearance
7. (of a paint) containing relatively little oil
8. (of an ore) not having a high mineral content
9. (of concrete) made with a small amount of cement
10. the part of meat that contains little or no fat

Leaning towards
Lean duck

Fat apricots

Saturday, 22 October 2016



1. an onomatopoeic word used to describe a dull, thudding sound produced by flumping
2. to (cause to) fall heavily with a dull thudding noise

There are days
Where all the energy he has

Is deployed in a flump

Friday, 21 October 2016



1. easily broken, cut, or crushed; soft; not tough
2. easily damaged; vulnerable or sensitive
3. having or expressing warm and affectionate feelings
4. kind, merciful, or sympathetic
5. arousing warm feelings; touching
6. gentle and delicate
7. requiring care in handling; ticklish
8. painful or sore
9. sensitive to moral or spiritual feelings
10. (postpositive; followed by “of”) . careful or protective
11. (of a sailing vessel) easily keeled over by a wind; crank.
12. (trans.) rare
a. to make tender
b. to treat tenderly

1. (trans.) to give, present, or offer
2. (intr.) (followed by “for”) . to make a formal offer or estimate for (a job or contract)
3. (trans.) law to offer (money or goods) in settlement of a debt or claim
4. the act or an instance of tendering; offer
5. business a formal offer to supply specified goods or services at a stated cost or rate
6. something, especially money, used as an official medium of payment

Not sure what the locals tender for

But tenderness doesn’t seem to apply

Thursday, 20 October 2016



1. the casting, recording, or counting of votes in an election; a voting
2. the result or quantity of such a voting
3. Also called: opinion poll
a. a canvassing of a representative sample of a large group of people on some question in order to determine the general opinion of the group
b. the results or record of such a canvassing
4. any counting or enumeration
5. short for poll tax
6. a list or enumeration of people, especially for taxation or voting purposes
7. the striking face of a hammer
8. the occipital or back part of the head of an animal
-verb (mainly trans.)
9. to receive (a vote or quantity of votes)
10. to receive, take, or record the votes of
11. to canvass (a person, group, area, etc.) as part of a survey of opinion
12. mainly US to take the vote, verdict, opinion, etc., individually of each member (of a jury, conference, etc.)
13. (sometimes intr.) to cast (a vote) in an election
14. computing (in data transmission when several terminals share communications channels) to check each channel rapidly to establish which are free, or to call for data from each terminal in turn
15. to clip or shear
16. to remove or cut short the horns of (cattle)

The polled cat
Doesn’t care

About elections

Wednesday, 19 October 2016



1. the sound of a bell rung to announce a death or a funeral
2. something that precipitates or indicates death or destruction
3. (intr.) to ring a knell
4. (trans.) to proclaim or announce by or as if by a tolling bell

Here wind keens
And a knell tolls
For the departed

Tuesday, 18 October 2016



-verb (trans.)
1. to attribute or ascribe (something dishonest or dishonourable, especially a criminal offence) to a person
2. to attribute to a source or cause
3. business to give (a notional value) to goods or services when the real value is unknown

In this case of seduction
Laurel is imputed
Though the cook won

By hiding the leaves in sauce

Monday, 17 October 2016



1. (intr.) (of a sheep, goat, or calf) . to utter its characteristic plaintive cry
2. (intr.) to speak with any similar sound
3. to whine; whimper
4. the characteristic cry of sheep, goats, and young calves
5. any sound similar to this
6. a weak complaint or whine

Rain across badly sealed windows
Bleating wind faltering
Under the weight of desert sand

Sunday, 16 October 2016



a large jug or pitcher with a wide mouth

Leave it out
Hope sand does not
Come to call when
Ewer feel up with rain

Saturday, 15 October 2016



1. disposed to frequent ailments; not healthy; weak
2. of, relating to, or caused by sickness
3. (of a smell, taste, etc.) causing revulsion or nausea
4. (of light or colour) faint or feeble
5. mawkish; insipid
6. in a sick or sickly manner

Another sickly kitty
Refusing to eat
Trying to escape home

Or perhaps life

Friday, 14 October 2016



1. (of certain trees and shrubs) bearing foliage throughout the year; continually shedding and replacing leaves.
2. remaining fresh and vital
3. an evergreen tree or shrub

Ready for harvesting

Edible jade nesting in evergreen

Thursday, 13 October 2016



1. (Physiology) . sensation felt in one part of the body when another part is stimulated
2. (Psychology) . a process in which one type of stimulus produces a secondary, subjective sensation, as when some colour evokes a specific smell

Mist on my skin
Calls images in decayed brown
A scent of smoke


Wednesday, 12 October 2016



1. the movement of the eye when it makes a sudden change of fixation, as in reading
2. a sudden check given to a horse

Tears flow
Salt stains
Empty eyes
Without saccade
Gritted teeth

Emerging mildew

Tuesday, 11 October 2016



1. something of value, either tangible, such as land, or intangible, such as patents, copyrights, etc.
2. law the right to possess, use, and dispose of anything
3. possessions collectively or the fact of owning possessions of value
4. a piece of land or real estate, especially used for agricultural purposes
5. (mainly Australian) . a ranch or station, especially a small one
6. a quality, attribute, or distinctive feature of anything, especially a characteristic attribute such as the density or strength of a material
7. (logic) (obsolete) .  another name for proprium
8. any movable object used on the set of a stage play or film. Usually shortened to: prop

Waiting for be picked
Edible property

With a future in wine industry