Tuesday, 17 January 2017



-verb (intr.)
1. to stare in wonder or amazement, especially with the mouth open
2. to open the mouth wide, especially involuntarily, as in yawning or hunger
3. to be or become wide open
4. the act of gaping
5. a wide opening; breach
6. the width of the widely opened mouth of a vertebrate

7. a stare or expression of astonishment

An old gaping name on the couch,
A toothy garden figure driven across the shore,
Across the dangerous influence of any other compromise
Crucified on the wall
Forever screaming

Monday, 16 January 2017



1. a comic entertainer, usually grotesquely costumed and made up, appearing in the circus
2. any performer who elicits an amused response
3. someone who plays jokes or tricks
4. a person who acts in a comic or buffoon-like manner
5. a coarse clumsy rude person; boor
6. (archaic) a countryman or rustic
-verb (intr.)
7. to perform as a clown
8. to play jokes or tricks
9. to act foolishly

A man who clowns will never read 
Or ask the word
Or know the storm of heaven,
A vicious battle in a flower cast
A strange sea that drives the voice of water,

Both to light and shadow 

Sunday, 15 January 2017



a hard chewy pink or white sweet containing chopped nuts, cherries, etc.

The local dentists’ glee
Distributing nougat on sale

While upping their fees

Saturday, 14 January 2017



having or displaying a pleasant or agreeable nature; friendly

Cute reality
Amiable as long as the angels fall
The indoors shark that you still love 

Friday, 13 January 2017



1. used to indicate movement from a higher to a lower position
2. at a lower or further level or position on, in, or along
3. downwards; at or to a lower level or position
4. (particle) used with many verbs when the result of the verb's action is to lower or destroy its object
5. (particle) used with several verbs to indicate intensity or completion
6. immediately
7. on paper
8. arranged; scheduled
9. in a helpless position
a. away from a more important place
b. away from a more northerly place
c. (of a member of some British universities) away from the university; on vacation
d. in a particular part of a country
11. nautical (of a helm) having the rudder to windward
12. reduced to a state of lack or want
13. lacking a specified amount
14. lower in price
15. including all intermediate terms, grades, people, etc.
16. from an earlier to a later time
17. to a finer or more concentrated state
18. sport being a specified number of points, goals, etc. behind another competitor, team, etc.
19. (of a person) being inactive, owing to illness
20. (functioning as imperative) (to dogs)
21. (postpositive) depressed or miserable
22. (prenominal) of or relating to a train or trains from a more important place or one regarded as higher
23. (postpositive) (of a device, machine, etc., especially a computer) temporarily out of action
24. made in cash
25. (trans.) to knock, push, or pull down
26. (intr.) to go or come down
27. (trans.) informal to drink, especially quickly
28. (trans.) to bring (someone) down, especially by tackling
29. American football one of a maximum of four consecutive attempts by one team to advance the ball a total of at least ten yards
30. a descent; downward movement
31. a lowering or a poor period

1. the soft fine feathers with free barbs that cover the body of a bird and prevent loss of heat. In the adult they lie beneath and between the contour feathers
2. another name for eiderdown
3. botany a fine coating of soft hairs, as on certain leaves, fruits, and seeds
4. any growth or coating of soft fine hair, such as that on the human face

1. archaic a hill, especially a sand dune

In this equilibrium
Exercise that is life
Down is dictated by gravity
We would fly away
Untethered angels

Giddy balloons

Thursday, 12 January 2017



1. needed to achieve a certain desired effect or result; required
2. resulting from necessity; inevitable
3. logic
a. (of a statement, formula, etc.) true under all interpretations or in all possible circumstances
b. (of a proposition) determined to be true by its meaning, so that its denial would be self-contradictory
c. (of a property) essential, so that without it its subject would not be the entity it is
d. (of an inference) always yielding a true conclusion when its premises are true; valid
e. (of a condition) entailed by the truth of some statement or the obtaining of some state of affairs.
4. (philosophy) (in a non-logical sense) expressing a law of nature (if it is necessary that all As are B, even although it is not contradictory to conceive of an A which is not B, we are licensed to infer that if something were an A it would have to be B)
5. (rare) compelled, as by necessity or law; not free
6. (informal) the necessary . the money required for a particular purpose

Rush to
That well known
Necessary stage
Of slightly delayed inference
Gone in a blink then


Wednesday, 11 January 2017



1. a part or character in a play, film, etc., to be played by an actor or actress
2. (psychology) . the part played by a person in a particular social setting, influenced by his expectation of what is appropriate
3. usual or customary function

They wander
Through their role
Without a clue
Dreamers looking
For Truth

Yet blind to all

Tuesday, 10 January 2017



1. a payment made periodically by a tenant to a landlord or owner for the occupation or use of land, buildings, or by a user for the use of other property, such as a telephone
2. economics
a. that portion of the national income accruing to owners of land and real property
b. the return derived from the cultivation of land in excess of production costs
3. (trans.) to grant (a person) the right to use one's property in return for periodic payments
4. (trans.) to occupy or use (property) in return for periodic payments
5. (intra.; often followed by “at”) to be let or rented (for a specified rental)

1. a slit or opening made by tearing or rending; tear
2. a breach or division, as in relations
3. the past tense and past participle of rend

I went through
A rent in reality
Never raised
Yet onerous

For sanity

Monday, 9 January 2017



1. a movable barrier, usually hinged, for closing an opening in a wall, fence, etc.
2. an opening to allow passage into or out of an enclosed place
3. any means of entrance or access
4. a mountain pass or gap, especially one providing entry into another country or region
a. the number of people admitted to a sporting event or entertainment
b. the total entrance money received from them
6. (in a large airport) any of the numbered exits leading to the airfield or aircraft
7. (horse racing) . short for starting gate
8. electronics
a. a logic circuit having one or more input terminals and one output terminal, the output being switched between two voltage levels determined by the combination of input signals
b. a circuit used in radar that allows only a fraction of the input signal to pass
9. the electrode region or regions in a field-effect transistor that is biased to control the conductivity of the channel between the source and drain
10. a component in a motion-picture camera or projector that holds each frame flat and momentarily stationary behind the lens
11. a slotted metal frame that controls the positions of the gear lever in a motor vehicle
12. rowing a hinged clasp to prevent the oar from jumping out of a rowlock
13. a frame surrounding the blade or blades of a saw
-verb (trans.)
14. to provide with a gate or gates
15. (British) to restrict (a student) to the school or college grounds as a punishment
16. to select (part of a waveform) in terms of amplitude or time

-noun (dialect)
1. the channels by which molten metal is poured into a mould
2. the metal that solidifies in such channels

-noun (Scottish and Northern England dialect)
1. a way, road, street, or path
2. a way or method of doing something

Hercules keeps watch
Over the gate to nothing
Forgotten hero freezing
His handsome buttocks

In the morning chill

Sunday, 8 January 2017



1. warmed-up leftover food
2. old, stale, or reworked material


Not making French toast
(Too réchauffé for my taste)
Just toasted pandoro

Married to blue cheese

Saturday, 7 January 2017



-verb (intr.)
1. to make a yowling noise, as a cat on heat
2. a shriek or yell made by or sounding like a cat on heat

She demands love
And relative protection
To the tune of caterwaul

Friday, 6 January 2017




of or relating to the number six; having six parts or units

On this
Senary day
Of the New Year
We worship cakes
And gifts

Thursday, 5 January 2017



1. a number of printed or written pages bound together along one edge and usually protected by thick paper or stiff pasteboard covers.
2. a written work or composition, such as a novel, technical manual, or dictionary
3. a number of blank or ruled sheets of paper bound together, used to record lessons, keep accounts, etc
4. (plural) a record of the transactions of a business or society
5. the script of a play or the libretto of an opera, musical, etc.
6. a major division of a written composition, as of a long novel or of the Bible
7. a number of tickets, sheets, stamps, etc., fastened together along one edge
8. (bookmaking) . a record of the bets made on a horse race or other event
9. (in card games) the number of tricks that must be taken by a side or player before any trick has a scoring value
10. strict or rigid regulations, rules, or standards
11. a source of knowledge or authority
12. a telephone directory
13. to reserve (a place, passage, etc.) or engage the services of (a performer, driver, etc.) in advance
14. (trans.) to take the name and address of (a person guilty of a minor offence) with a view to bringing a prosecution
15. (trans.) (of a football referee) to take the name of (a player) who grossly infringes the rules while playing, two such acts resulting in the player's dismissal from the field
16. (trans.) (archaic) . to record in a book

Nothing compares
To the rapture
Of having a book

Wednesday, 4 January 2017



1. having or showing arrogance
2. archaic noble or exalted

His manners
Can be described as haughty

But not from all sides

Tuesday, 3 January 2017



1. the delayed aftereffects of drinking too much alcohol in a relatively short period of time, characterized by headache and sometimes nausea and dizziness

2. a person or thing left over from or influenced by a past age

In darkness
Looking for signs
Meaningful hangovers
That might explain
Our future