Monday, 9 February 2009



–verb (used with object)
1. to cut, wound, or tear with the teeth.
2. to grip or hold with the teeth.
3. to sting, as does an insect.
4. to cause to smart or sting.
5. to sever with the teeth (often followed by “off”)
6. to start to eat (often followed by “into”).
7. to clamp the teeth firmly on or around (often followed by “on”).
8. Informal.
a. to take advantage of; cheat; deceive.
b. to annoy or upset; anger.
9. to eat into or corrode, as does an acid. cut or pierce with, or as with, a weapon.
11.Etching. to etch with acid (a copper or other surface) in such parts as are left bare of a protective coating. take firm hold or act effectively on.
13.Archaic. to make a decided impression on; affect.
–verb (used without object) press the teeth into something; attack with the jaws, bill, sting, etc.; snap.
15.Angling. (of fish) to take bait. accept an offer or suggestion, esp. one intended to trick or deceive.
17.Informal. to admit defeat in guessing. act effectively; grip; hold.
19.Slang. to be notably repellent, disappointing, poor, etc.; suck.
–noun act of biting.
21.a wound made by biting.
22.a cutting, stinging, or nipping effect.
23.a piece bitten off.
24.a small meal.
25.a portion severed from the whole.
26.a morsel of food.
27.the occlusion of one's teeth.
a.the catch or hold that one object or one part of a mechanical apparatus has on another.
b.a surface brought into contact to obtain a hold or grip, as in a lathe chuck or similar device.
c.the amount of material that a mechanical shovel or the like can carry at one time.
29.sharpness; incisiveness; effectiveness.
30.the roughness of the surface of a file.
31.Metalworking. the maximum angle, measured from the centre of a roll in a rolling mill, between a perpendicular and a line to the point of contact where a given object to be rolled will enter between the rolls.

[Let's take...]

A bite
In the dark
Of what is yet to come
Draining juices from the bones
Finding new flavours in the clouds.


willow said...

"Finding new flavors in the clouds." I love that.

- A - C - said...

I must say the fourth line ("draining juices from the bones") seems oddly placed. A frightening image among two hopes. interesting contrast.