Friday, 20 May 2016



1. a sharp point
2. any sharp-pointed object, especially one made of metal
3, a long metal nail
4. (physics)
a. a transient variation in voltage or current in an electric circuit
b. a graphical recording of this, such as one of the peaks on an electroencephalogram
5. (informal) a sudden increase
6. (plural) shoes with metal projections on the sole and heel for greater traction, as used by athletes
7. the straight un-branched antler of a young deer
8. (British, slang) another word for dosshouse
-verb (mainly trans.)
9. to secure or supply with or as with spikes
10. to render ineffective or block the intentions of; thwart
11. to impale on a spike
12. to add alcohol to (a drink)
13. (journalism) to reject (a news story)
14. (volleyball) to hit (a ball) sharply downwards with an overarm motion from the front of one's own court into the opposing court
15. (formerly) to render (a cannon) ineffective by blocking its vent with a spike
16. (intr.) (informal) to increase suddenly

1. an inflorescence consisting of a raceme of sessile flowers, as in the gladiolus and sedges
2. an ear of wheat, barley, or any other grass that has sessile spikelets

A glowing spike
In the night

Showing the way home

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