Sunday, 15 May 2016



1. a soft variously flavoured sweet made from sugar, butter, cream, etc.

1. foolishness; nonsense
2. a mild exclamation of annoyance
3. (intr.) to talk foolishly or emptily

1. a small section of type matter in a box in a newspaper allowing late news to be included without the whole page having to be remade
2. the box in which such type matter is placed
3. the late news so inserted
4. a machine attached to a newspaper press for printing this
5. an unsatisfactory compromise reached to evade a difficult problem or controversial issue
6. (trans.) to make or adjust in a false or clumsy way
7. (trans.) to misrepresent; falsify
8. to evade (a problem, issue, etc.); dodge; avoid

Fudging fudge:
There is salt in there

For a kick surprise

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