Wednesday, 25 May 2016



1. a subsidiary point facing in the opposite direction to the main point of a fish-hook, harpoon, arrow, etc., intended to make extraction difficult
2. any of various pointed parts, as on barbed wire
3. a cutting remark; gibe
4. any of the numerous hair-like filaments that form the vane of a feather
5. a beardlike growth in certain animals
6. a hooked hair or projection on certain fruits
7. any small cyprinid fish of the genus Barbus (or Puntius) and related genera, such as B. conchonius (rosy barb)
8. (usually plural) any of the small fleshy protuberances beneath the tongue in horses and cattle
9. a white linen cloth forming part of a headdress extending from the chin to the upper chest, originally worn by women in the Middle Ages, now worn by nuns of some orders
10. (obsolete) a beard
11. (trans.) to provide with a barb or barbs

1. (often capital) a breed of horse of North African origin, similar to the Arab but less spirited

1. (Australian) a black kelpie

Barbed memories
Glorious revolution

And dignified death 

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