Wednesday, 18 May 2016



1. to blush or cause to blush
2. to flow or flood or cause to flow or flood with or as if with water
3. to glow or shine or cause to glow or shine with a rosy colour
4. to send a volume of water quickly through (a pipe, channel, etc.) or into (a toilet) for the purpose of cleansing, emptying, etc.
5. to cause (soluble substances in the soil) to be washed towards the surface, as by the action of underground springs, or (of such substances) to be washed towards the soil surface
6. (trans.; usually passive) to excite or elate
7. a rosy colour, especially in the cheeks; blush
8. a sudden flow or gush, as of water
9. a feeling of excitement or elation
10. early bloom; freshness
11. redness of the skin, especially of the face, as from the effects of a fever, alcohol, etc.
12. (ecology) an area of boggy land fed by ground water
13. having a ruddy or heightened colour

-adj. (usually postpositive)
1. level or even with another surface
2. directly adjacent; continuous
3. (informal) having plenty of money
4. (informal) abundant or plentiful, as money
5. full of vigour
6. full to the brim or to the point of overflowing
7. (printing) having an even margin, right or left, with no indentations
8. (of a blow) accurately delivered
9. (of a vessel) having no superstructure built above the flat level of the deck
10. so as to be level or even
11. directly or squarely
-verb (trans.)
12. to cause (surfaces) to be on the same level or in the same plane
13. to enrich the diet of (an ewe) during the breeding season
14. a period of fresh growth of leaves, shoots, etc.

15. (trans.) to rouse (game, wild creatures, etc.) and put to flight

16. (in poker and similar games) a hand containing only one suit

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Permanent flush

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