Monday, 19 May 2014



1. the act of preserving or the state of being preserved from harm
2. a person or thing that is the means of preserving from harm
3. (Christianity) deliverance by redemption from the power of sin and from the penalties ensuing from it
4. (Christian Science) the realization that Life, Truth, and Love are supreme and that they can destroy such illusions as sin, death, etc.

What shall I do?
Your sins, calling
Neither ate nor drank
All that has been appointed,
Washed away, calling on.

Saved on the road
Three days later
Three days without sight
Not saved by faith.
Get up and go.

Is it possible to be
Forgiven but not forgiven?
Only salvation on the road:
There you will be told
Now why do you delay?

(Found poem from a spam message)

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