Monday, 26 May 2014



1. any of the firm appendages that are the organs of locomotion and balance in fishes and some other aquatic animals. Most fishes have paired and unpaired fins, the former corresponding to the limbs of higher vertebrates
2. a part or appendage that resembles a fin
3. (British) a vertical surface to which the rudder is attached, usually placed at the rear of an aeroplane to give stability about the vertical axis US name: vertical stabilizer
4. a tail surface fixed to a rocket or missile to give stability
5. (nautical) a fixed or adjustable blade projecting under water from the hull of a vessel to give it stability or control
6. a projecting rib to dissipate heat from the surface of an engine cylinder, motor casing, or radiator
7. (often plural) either of a pair of rubber paddle-like devices worn on the feet as an aid in swimming, especially underwater
8. (trans.) to provide with fins
9. (trans.) to remove the fins from (a dead fish)
10. (intr.) (especially of a whale) to agitate the fins violently in the water

In dusk
The lone fin
Of unfinished works
A ruin

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