Sunday, 4 May 2014



1. a self-propelling device, especially a cylinder containing a mixture of solid explosives, used as a firework, distress signal, line carrier, etc.
2. any vehicle propelled by a rocket engine, especially one used to carry a warhead, spacecraft, etc.
3. (British & New Zealand, informal) a severe reprimand
4. (trans.) to propel (a missile, spacecraft, etc.) by means of a rocket
5. (intr.; followed by “off”, “away”, etc.) to move off at high speed
6. (intr.) to rise rapidly

7. Also called: arugula. a Mediterranean plant, Eruca sativa, having yellowish-white flowers and leaves used as a salad: family Brassicaceae (crucifers)
8. any of several plants of the related genus Sisymbrium, especially S. irio (London rocket), which grow on waste ground and have pale yellow flowers

Just a few leaves of rocket
Can send you flying if wild
Rocketing into another dimension
On a peppery stream

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