Friday, 16 May 2014



1. to lead the way for (a person)
2. to control the movement or course of (an animal, vehicle, etc.) by physical action; steer
3. to supervise or instruct (a person)
4. (trans.) to direct the affairs of (a person, company, nation, etc.)  
5. (trans.) to advise or influence (a person) in his standards or opinions  
6. a person, animal, or thing that guides
7. a person, usually paid, who conducts tour expeditions, etc.
8. a model or criterion, as in moral standards or accuracy
9. a book that instructs or explains the fundamentals of a subject or skill  
10. any device that directs the motion of a tool or machine part
11. a mark, sign, etc., that points the way
12. (spiritualism) a spirit believed to influence a medium so as to direct what he utters and convey messages through him
13. (navy) a ship in a formation used as a reference for manoeuvres, especially with relation to maintaining the correct formation and disposition
14. (military) a soldier stationed to one side of a column or line to regulate alignment, show the way, etc.

A red eye
Our guide to safety
Or perdition

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