Wednesday, 5 March 2014



1. (sometimes followed by “of”) free from hesitancy or uncertainty (with regard to a belief, conviction, etc.)
2. (followed by “of”) having no doubt, as of the occurrence of a future state or event
3. always effective; unfailing
4. reliable in indication or accuracy  
5. (of persons) worthy of trust or confidence
6. not open to doubt  
7. admitting of no vacillation or doubt
8. bound to be or occur; inevitable
9. (postpositive) bound inevitably (to be or do something); certain
10. physically secure or dependable
11. (obsolete) free from exposure to harm or danger
12. (sentence substitute) (informal) willingly; yes
13. (sentence modifier) (informal, mainly US & Canadian) without question; certainly

In a certain light
You can see the tail moving
For sure a whisker twitch
Though it could well be
Just an illusion

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