Sunday, 23 March 2014



1. having or denoting a sharp biting taste like that of lemon juice or vinegar
2. made acid or bad, as in the case of milk or alcohol, by the action of microorganisms
3. having a rancid or unwholesome smell
4. (of a person's temperament) sullen, morose, or disagreeable
5. (especially of the weather or climate) harsh and unpleasant
6. disagreeable; distasteful
7. (of land, etc.) lacking in fertility, especially due to excessive acidity
8. (of oil, gas, or petrol) containing a relatively large amount of sulphur compounds
9. something sour
10. (mainly US) any of several iced drinks usually made with spirits, lemon juice, and ice  
11. an acid used in laundering and bleaching clothes or in curing animal skins
12. to make or become sour

Cut sunshine
Sour morning light
My mouth waters

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