Friday, 21 March 2014




1. free from darkness or obscurity; bright
2. (of weather) free from dullness or clouds
3. transparent  
4. even and pure in tone or colour  
5. without discoloration, blemish, or defect  
6. easy to see or hear; distinct
7. free from doubt or confusion  
8. (postpositive) certain in the mind; sure  
9. (in combination) perceptive, alert
10. evident or obvious  
11. (of sounds or the voice) not harsh or hoarse
12. serene; calm
13. without qualification or limitation; complete  
14. free of suspicion, guilt, or blame  
15. free of obstruction; open  
16. free from debt or obligation
17. (of money, profits, etc.) without deduction; net
18. emptied of freight or cargo
19. (of timber) having a smooth, unblemished surface
20. in a clear or distinct manner
21. completely or utterly
22. (postpositive) often followed by “of” not in contact (with); free  
23. a clear space
24. another word for clearance
25. to make or become free from darkness, obscurity, etc.
26. (intr.) (of the weather) to become free from dullness, fog, rain, etc.
27. (intr.) (of mist, fog, etc.) to disappear
28. (trans.) to free from impurity or blemish
29. (trans.) to free from doubt or confusion   .
30. (trans.) to rid of objects, obstructions, etc.
31. (trans.)  to make or form (a path, way, etc.) by removing obstructions
32. (trans.) to free or remove (a person or thing) from something, such as suspicion, blame, or guilt
33. (trans.) to move or pass by or over without contact or involvement  
34. (trans.) to rid (the throat) of phlegm or obstruction
35. (trans.) to make or gain (money) as profit
36. (trans.)  often followed by “off”.  to discharge or settle (a debt)
37. (trans.) to free (a debtor) from obligation
38. (intr.) (of a cheque) to pass through one's bank and be charged against one's account
(banking) to settle accounts by exchanging (commercial documents) in a clearing house
39. to permit (ships, aircraft, cargo, passengers, etc.) to unload, disembark, depart, etc., after fulfilling the customs and other requirements, or (of ships, etc.) to be permitted to unload, etc.
40. to obtain or give (clearance)
41. (trans.) to obtain clearance from
42. (trans.)  (microscopy) to make (specimens) transparent by immersion in a fluid such as xylene
43. (trans.) to permit (a person, company, etc) to see or handle classified information
44. (trans.) (military)
a. to achieve transmission of (a signalled message) and acknowledgment of its receipt at its destination
b. to decode (a message, etc.)
45. (trans.) (sport) to hit, kick, carry, or throw (the ball) out of the defence area
46. (trans.) (computing) to remove data from a storage device and replace it with particular characters that usually indicate zero
47. (trans.) (New Zealand) to remove (trees, scrub, etc.) from  land

The message isn’t always
That clear and unambiguous
Rust is happy and in peace

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