Friday, 14 March 2014



1. a short length of thin wire bent into a square U-shape, used to fasten papers, cloth, etc.
2. a short length of stiff wire formed into a U-shape with pointed ends, used for holding a hasp to a post, securing electric cables, etc.
3. (trans.) to secure (papers, wire, etc.) with a staple or staples

1. of prime importance; principal
2. (of a commodity) forming a predominant element in the product, consumption, or trade of a nation, region, etc.
3. a staple commodity
4. a main constituent; integral part
5. (mainly US & Canadian) a principal raw material produced or grown in a region
6. the fibre of wool, cotton, etc., graded as to length and fineness
7. (in medieval Europe) a town appointed to be the exclusive market for one or more major exports of the land
8. (trans.) to arrange or sort (wool, cotton, etc.) according to length and fineness

A common sight, the staple of an era
A symbol of Italian automotive industry

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