Tuesday, 18 March 2014



1. when intr., often followed by “over”, “along”, “into”, etc.  to spring or move lightly, especially to move by hopping from one foot to the other
2. (intr.) to jump over a skipping-rope
3. to cause (a stone, etc.) to bounce or skim over a surface or (of a stone) to move in this way
4. to omit (intervening matter), as in passing from one part or subject to another  
5. (intr.) followed by “through” (informal) to read or deal with quickly or superficially
6. (trans.) (informal) to miss deliberately
7. (trans.) (informal, mainly US & Canadian) to leave (a place) in haste or secrecy
8. a skipping movement or gait
9. the act of passing over or omitting
10. (music, US & Canadian) another word for a relatively large melodic interval, especially in a solo part

-noun, verb
1. (informal) short for skipper
2. the captain of a curling or bowls team

1. a large open container for transporting building materials, etc.
2. a cage used as a lift in mines, etc.

1. a college servant, especially of Trinity College, Dublin

Broken hard disk
My heart skips a beat
All pictures lost

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