Friday, 11 January 2013



-verb (usually followed by “around” or “over” )
1. to move or cause to move along by turning over and over
2. to move or cause to move along on wheels or rollers
3. to flow or cause to flow onwards in an undulating movement
4. (intr.) (of animals, etc.) to turn onto the back and kick: the hills roll down to the sea
5. (intr.) to extend in undulations: the hills roll down to the sea
6. to move or occur in cycles
7. (intr.) (of a planet, the moon, etc.) to revolve in an orbit
8. (intr.; followed by “on”, “by”, etc. ) to pass or elapse
9. to rotate or cause to rotate wholly or partially
10. to curl, cause to curl, or admit of being curled, so as to form a ball, tube, or cylinder; coil
11. to make or form by shaping into a ball, tube, or cylinder: to roll a cigarette
12. (often followed by “out”) to spread or cause to spread out flat or smooth under or as if under a roller
13. to emit, produce, or utter with a deep prolonged reverberating sound
14. to trill or cause to be trilled
15. (intr.) pitch (of a vessel, aircraft, rocket, etc.) to turn from side to side around the longitudinal axis
16. (of an aircraft) to execute or cause an aircraft to execute a roll to cause (an aircraft) to execute a roll or (of an aircraft) to execute a roll (sense 39)
17. (intr.) to walk with a swaying gait, as when drunk; sway
18. (of an animal, especially a dog) to lie on its back and wriggle while kicking its legs in the air, without moving along
19. (intr.) to wallow or envelop oneself (in)
20. (trans.) to apply ink to (type, etc.) with a roller or rollers
21. to throw (dice)
22. (intr.) to operate or begin to operate
23. informal . (intr.) to make progress; move or go ahead
24. informal chiefly (US), (NZ) (trans.) to rob (a helpless person, such as someone drunk or asleep)
25. the act or an instance of rolling
26. anything rolled up in a cylindrical form
27. an official list or register, especially of names
28. a rounded mass
29. a strip of material, especially leather, fitted with pockets or pouches for holding tools, toilet articles, needles and thread, etc.
30. a cylinder used to flatten something; roller
31. a small loaf of bread for one person, eaten plain, with butter, or as a light meal when filled with meat, cheese, etc.
32. See also swiss roll . a flat pastry or cake rolled up with a meat ( sausage roll ), jam ( jam roll ), or other filling
33. a swell, ripple, or undulation on a surface
34. a swaying, rolling, or unsteady movement or gait
35. a deep prolonged reverberating sound
36. a rhythmic cadenced flow of words
37. a trilling sound; trill
38. a very rapid beating of the sticks on a drum
39. a flight manoeuvre in which an aircraft makes one complete rotation about its longitudinal axis without loss of height or change in direction
40. the angular displacement of a vessel, rocket, missile, etc. caused by rolling
41. a throw of dice
42. a bookbinder's tool having a brass wheel, used to impress a line or repeated pattern on the cover of a book
43. slang . an act of sexual intercourse or petting
44. slang (US) . an amount of money, especially a wad of paper money

Of all the subjects that could tempt
I find myself at the end of my wits
Snapping at rolls in a dark cubicle
Just for the sake of refracted light,

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