Saturday, 19 January 2013



1. to distress or be distressed; worry
2. to rub or wear away
3. to irritate or be irritated; feel or give annoyance or vexation
4. to eat away or be eaten away by chemical action; corrode
5. (intr.) (of a road surface) to become loose so that potholes develop; scab
6. to agitate (water) or (of water) to be agitated
7. (trans.) to make by wearing away; erode
8. a state of irritation or anxiety
9. the result of fretting; corrosion
10. a hole or channel caused by fretting

1. a repetitive geometrical figure, especially one used as an ornamental border
2. such a pattern made in relief and with numerous small openings; fretwork
3. heraldry . a charge on a shield consisting of a mascle crossed by a saltire
4. (trans.) to ornament with fret or fretwork

any of several small metal bars set across the fingerboard of a musical instrument of the lute, guitar, or viol family at various points along its length so as to produce the desired notes when the strings are stopped by the fingers

short for sea fret (a wet mist or haze coming inland from the sea)

He sits close to home
Not worrying over the fret
I see him on the terrace
Fretting over territory
In this period of ardours
Leading to petty fights
Kicks and bites to the death

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